The Brunette Story

Our Values

The Brunette Story

How it started

Side view of woman leaning over to smell cooking food in home kitchen
Like a gentle braise, Brunette is a concept that has been slowly simmering to creation.

It began with a love of slow food in a fast-paced world. We wondered: why does everyone rush through dinner when savouring with others helps make it delicious? Our bodies crave connection as much as nutritious and balanced meals. We should make time for it all.


Brisket is a dish that people have always gathered around the table for. Sunday supper with the family. Festive holidays. Chilly weekend afternoons. A brisket is the ultimate expression of love.


In a London flat, a brunette found comfort in braising brisket every week. The hours of care required gave her joy, and its scent reminded her of many versions of home. Soon her brisket au jus arrived on the doorsteps of friends and family, delivering a moment of pause in everyone’s busy day.


With each delivery, a community of London brisket lovers grew. New rituals began around the table. Time in became time off. Today we share this tradition with you – a field-to-table  feast prepared in minutes but savoured slowly.


The Brunette

Woman sitting down holding blue brunette brisket paper bag

Lea is the London-based brunette known as the “queen of brisket” among her friends. You can taste her longtime passion for wholesome eating and fresh ingredients in every brisket delivery. Braising beef, pickling veg, and making jus is her cherished occupation. 


Raised between Paris and Beirut, Lea’s cooking is influenced by French and Middle Eastern traditions, with a devotion to ingredients from her current home in the UK. She wants her food to encourage others to slow down, enjoy a meal together, and nourish their bodies.

Our Values

Your brisket delivery is more than a meal. Our values fuel every bit of prep in the Brunette kitchen and we don’t believe in compromise.


Brunette brisket is slow food built for today’s modern, fast living. Order a restaurant-worthy dinner to your door and Brunette’s sous vide brisket au jus and sides will be ready when you are. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll have a hearty meal for two to savour or a feast to serve a crowd. The hardest part is setting the table.

Two pairs of hands holding blue brunette brisket packaging
Single cow in a field looking at camera, cows laying down it the background looking away. Green grass and blue sky.


We only work with local farmers who favour organic, biodynamic practices and/or regenerative farming. From salt to beef, Brunette ingredients are proudly sourced in the UK and rotate with the seasons. Our menu restores local ecosystems, respects animals, and prioritises the health of our planet. Nothing less.


Meals nourish the body and the mind – they’re a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy. Cooking with high-quality, good-for-you ingredients is an essential part of the experience. Pasture-fed and finished beef contains more nutrients and has an earthy richness that we love. Generous portions of umami potatoes, cultured vegetables, and gut-friendly pickles balance the brisket for a wholesome meal. Mostly plants and only the best beef.

Selection of packaged foods to be sent via post, brisket, potatoes and vegetables.
Close up of cooked brisket with gravy being poured on to it.


Beef brisket is the centrepiece of tables around the world, collectively adored in all its renditions. Brunette’s gentle braising and rich jus uncompromisingly revere the techniques of many cultures. We’re bridging timeless mealtime rituals with modern convenience for moments of elevated indulgence.

Be a Brunette.
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