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Pre-order brisket delivery by Sunday and it will arrive Thursday at the time slot of your choice (between 8 am and 8 pm). 

We deliver brisket in London and throughout the greater London area. All orders are shipped from our cosy kitchen in the city. 

Yes. Depending on where you’re located, delivery fees can range from £3 to £15. 

You can choose a brisket delivery for 2 (the Brunette meal) or 6 (the Brunette feast). Each meal includes slow-braised brisket au jus, umami potatoes with seaweed salt, fermented vegetables, and seasonal pickles. 

A 2-portion meal receives 300 grams of brisket au jus and a 6-portion feast receives 900 grams of brisket au jus. We work hard to source the best quality pasture-raised UK brisket, but doing so can come with some variation in shape and weight. Please keep this in mind if you notice a slight discrepancy in the size of your brisket between orders. The weight of each order (in grams) is always the same with jus. 

Brunette meals are vacuum-packed and delivered chilled with an ice pack. We love it because vacuum packing preserves food at peak flavour and allows for easy storage. 

When you’re ready to eat, simply drop your brisket, potatoes, and vegetable pouches into a pot of boiling water. Meal prep will take about 20 minutes. Click here for instructions. 

For the ideal Brunette dinner experience, we highly recommend serving the brisket au jus and potatoes warm. The fermented vegetables can be enjoyed either warm or cold and the pickles should always stay chilled. 

We would appreciate it if you’d recycle, compost, or reuse any remaining packaging. The paper bags and deli paper can also be recycled or composted. The ice pack is great to save in your freezer and use again for a picnic! 

Our beef comes exclusively from local UK farmers committed to organic, biodynamic practices and regenerative farming. A small butcher outside of London helps us source the best of the best. Learn more about our ingredients.

Once delivered, your brisket and potatoes can keep in the fridge for up to a week and the vegetables and pickles for at least 2 weeks. Check the use-by date on each pouch for guidance. 

Freeze the brisket pouch directly 

At the moment we are a delivery-only service. For partnerships and inquiries, you can reach us at partnerships@brunettebrisket.com.

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